VSI London - Dubbing, Subtitling, Voice-Over

Welcome to VSI London, the central hub of the international VSI Group. Whatever language service you need, you’ll find it here. We work with a wide range of media and offer

We employ experienced translators and subtitlers in all major languages, working in-house. We also have fully staffed sound studios, editing and DVD authoring facilities on site. These unique resources, backed up by the VSI global network, mean we can maintain full technical and creative control over even the largest projects. We work with leading names throughout the media industry, as well as a broad range of corporate clients from many different sectors.


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"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the subtitling and voice over teams at VSI. Each project has been executed and delivered on budget and on time with maximum professionalism."

Silvia Prandi, Commercial Production Lead Executive


"These last few years, VSI has proven themselves as a dedicated and reliable supplier of all the subtitles for MTV North with an excellent service level."


Willemijn Out, Media Operations Manager

"VSI is one of our major suppliers of dubbing and subtitling services for E! Entertainment. I can confirm that their work is of a consistently high standard."

Brad Wald, Managing Director, EMEA

"The service I received from VSI was outstanding. VSI worked hard to make sure everything ran on time and minimised costs at every stage."


Henry Matthews, Campaigns Coordinator

"VSI work quickly and efficiently with an attention to detail which is so important when dealing with multiple languages. I consider VSI to be the best in London and wouldn't go anywhere else."

Elena Adams, Producer